Video Tape Restoration Services

What is Videotape Restoration?

Videotape restoration is a more advanced process in which an unplayable tape is made playable with methods that are outside of the normal re-mastering methods. For example, if a tape is physically damaged from smoke or water exposure, the process of returning that tape to a playable condition may require intensive rehabilitation of the element before the re-mastering process can begin.

Whether a tape requires this specialized process or not, the off-the-tape signal may require video and audio processing to correct defects that are beyond the normal scope of the re-mastering process. This may include second-generation dropout removal, frame-by-frame repair due to other unusual defects, or scene-to-scene color correction.

The extent of videotape restoration will be determined by client approval based on recommendations made by DC Video. However, this restoration process is not required from most re-mastering procedures.

Archival, Rare and Obsolete Videotape Remastering, Restoration and Duplication Services