Funai/Technicolor 1/4" CVC Video Format

Funai/Technicolor 1/4" CVC Format Information:

Videotape Format: 1/4" Funai/Technicolor CVC cassette

In use: Early 1980s.

Recording mode: Analog audio/video. Helical scan, 2 video heads, one per field.

Tape width:1/4"

Features: Medium quality analog video. Color capable. Mono audio.

Existing machine longevity: Very low.

Videotape longevity: Very low.

Prior usage: Home,educational and light business use.

Notes on the Funai/Technicolor 1/4" CVC... One of the first truly portable color VCR's, using 1/4" tape cassette, much smaller than Betamax or VHS. Manufactured by Funai of Japan, and jointly marketed with Technicolor, it did make a remarkable color picture. Record time was only 30 minutes per tape, but later, 45 and 60-minute cassettes were available as well. Dropouts were numerous due to the miniature tape size and very small recording heads. Muntz Electronics of Van Nuys, CA. had many of these for sale in the early 1980s. A portable camera/VCR model # 212 was available, as was the bigger unit with the built in color monitor, model # 335.

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