1/4" Akai Video Format

1/4" Akai Format Information:

Videotape Format: 1/4” Akai

In use: 1967 - 1980s.

Recording mode: Analog video. One field per rotation.

Tape width:1/4"

Features: Very compact with lower quality.

Existing machine longevity: Near extinct.

Videotape longevity: Next to none.

Prior usage: Home and educational uses.

Notes on the 1/4" Akai... In the mid to late sixties, the black and white version, model VTS 100, which was a portable deck and vidicon camera, was introduced. In 1974, a color model, VTS 150, was made. The color and black and white units have different tape speeds. We have the model X500 VT, which will play back 525 line and white.

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