1" Sony EV Helical Video Format

1" Sony EV Format Information:

Videotape Format: 1” Sony EV

In use: Late 1960s through early 1980s generally.

Recording mode: Analog audio/video. Helical scan, 2 video heads, one per field.

Tape width:1"

Features: Medium quality analog video. Color capable. Stereo audio.

Existing machine longevity: Very Low.

Videotape longevity: Very Low.

Prior usage: Alternative to 2" quad for industrial, educational, military, and other closed circuit television allocations. Some units known to be used for home recordings.

Notes on the 1" Sony EV... Sony introduced these series of machines in the late 1960's, as a high quality, self contained (except for the external CLP 1B color adapter) videotape recorder. The plane of the rotating heads is slanted at an angle of 3 degrees 55 minutes to the chassis, but the tape wraps around the head-drum assembly in a plane parallel to the chassis. Head rotation is 30 Hz. The tape wrap is approx. 180 degrees. As with other Sony machines, very well engineered, providing simplified operation for record and playback. Good interchange between other EV series machines. We have recovered many hours of off the air EV 1" color recordings, with very good picture and sound.

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