1" SMPTE Type B Video Format (aka 1" Bosch)

1" SMPTE Type B Format Information:

Videotape Format: 1" B.

In use: 1975 - 1985 (approx.).

Recording mode: Analog audio/video. Helical scan, segmented picture.

Tape width: 1"

Features: High quality analog video. Stereo audio. Prone to maintenance issues.

Existing machine longevity: Very low.

Videotape longevity: Very low.

Prior usage: Broadcast mastering, field recording & post-production. A replacement for 2" quad.

Notes on the 1" SMPTE Type B... Bosch Fernseh introduced the BCN series of B format videotape recorders in 1975, as a replacement for 2" quad (which Bosch Fernseh also built). The machine was relatively compact and modular, and produced high quality analog picture, two audio channels, plus a time code track. Its size allowed use in both studio and mobile unit applications. A portable unit made for an almost "go anywhere" capability. The small video head scanner, containing 2 video heads and two erase heads, rotating at 9,000 RPM, laid down 5 segments per field of video in NTSC, 6 segments in PAL. Tape speed was 9.65 in/sec. Note that 2" quad (4 heads) was segmented also. So these two formats suffered the same drawbacks. One of these is that, with segmented pictures, the video heads must precisely reproduce the adjacent channels of information, or visible bands may occur (known as banding). Multiple video heads tend to compound the problem of video noise also. But, probably the biggest drawback of all was the lack of a viewable picture in fast-forward or rewind, and a flexible slow motion capability (such as type A and type C formats could do). This variable speed ability in editing was sought after, and once it had proven itself as a worthy opponent to the B format, one inch C was quickly adopted. It also helped that Ampex, Sony, Hitachi, and eventually RCA, manufactured one-inch C. With the market flooded with type C machines, the type B format quickly fell off in popularity by 1985 or so.

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