1" IVC Helical Video Format

1" IVC Format Information:

Videotape Format: 1” IVC

In use: Early 1970s through early 1980s generally.

Recording mode: Analog audio/video. Helical scan, non-segmented.

Tape width:1"

Features: High quality analog video. Stereo audio.

Existing machine longevity: Very Low.

Videotape longevity: Very Low.

Prior usage: Alternative to 2" quad for broadcast (with proper time base correction), industrial, educational, military, and other closed circuit television allocations.

Notes on the 1" IVC... IVC introduced the 1" series of machines in the early 1970s. Linear tape speed: only 6.91 inches per second, with video head rotation of 3600 RPM. Tape is wrapped around the drum at a 4.8 degree helix. The tape is wrapped around the Scanner Assembly a full 360 degrees. Well engineered and built, they provided remarkable black and white and color fidelity. These machines found their way into broadcast and non-broadcast facilities. We continue to receive recordings on a regular basis from the seventies, made on these machines. As one inch type C took command in the late seventies, and with the advent of ¾" color capable machines earlier than type C, the complexity of operating and maintaining an IVC one inch machine surely was noted, when comparing to the ease of operation with a cassette based format. But, IVC for certain had a well-engineered series of machines.

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